Arduino Uno installation

First install the arduino package from AUR:

$ yaourt -S arduino

Add yourself to the uucp group:

# gpasswd -a <user> uucp

Logout and login again.

Connect your arduino to your computer and lauch:

$ ls /dev/ttyUSB* /dev/ttyACM*

Note the serial port of the board.

Launch the arduino program, close it, then modify ~/.arduino/preferences.txt.

Change the line serial.port=COM1 with something like this:


Lauch again the arduino program.

If you can’t upload your sketch (and get the following error: Serial port '/dev/ttyACM0' not found. Did you select the right one from the Tools > Serial Port menu?), this may be because you don’t have write permissions on /run/lock/ directory.

The following trick should resolve the problem:

# chmod 777 /run/lock
# cp /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/legacy.conf /etc/tmpfiles.d/
# chmod 777 /etc/tmpfiles.d/legacy.conf