I’m currently working as a Python Back-End developer at Famoco in Brussels, Belgium.

I like Free and Open Source Software, hacker culture, cryptocurrencies, disassembling (and sometimes reassembling) all kind of things to know how they work, photography, ellipses, …

I speak Python, Java, C/C++, Bash/Zsh, Regex and sometimes French and English.

If you are using one of my projects and find it useful, please consider donating a few µBTC or more.


You can contact me by email at bp@brunoparmentier.be.

My PGP public key fingerprint is 5A3F FFA9 8902 7CEC 9567 9D07 53F6 32B6 E556 BFCA. You can find it here: http://keys.gnupg.net/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x53F632B6E556BFCA