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I am a student at École supérieure d'informatique in Brussels, Belgium.

I know Java, C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, x86 Assembly and SQL. I write my reports in LaTeX and the articles on this site in Markdown or reStructuredText.

I believe that open knowledge leads to a better world, that's why I support open data and free software ("as in free speech", more than "as in free beer").

If you learned something new thanks to me, then I achieved my goal, and ask you to share this knowledge with others.

If you use one of my projects and find it useful, please consider donating a few µBTC or more:

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You may have seen my laptop and asked yourself what was this odd interface; it is Arch Linux running with i3 as window manager.


I am present on Twitter, Google+, GitHub, GitLab and Stack Overflow.

You won't find me on Facebook (anymore), because I care about my privacy and I was tired of constantly having to keep an eye on changing privacy settings and loosing my time on the site.

You can contact me by email at

My PGP public key fingerprint is 5A3F FFA9 8902 7CEC 9567 9D07 53F6 32B6 E556 BFCA. You can find it here: